torsdag den 9. august 2012

Le Pain Francais

Ever since I moved here everybody has been talking about Le Pain Francais as the place to be.

So of course this was the first café I went for when a colleague and I wanted a little girl-time after work.

Since there are several of these in town, we chose the one on Vallgatan.
Upon first impression it is a two story café which is a little unfortunate since it makes sound travel and I can imagine that when there is crowded the sound will travel and there will be very noisy in there.

Luckily there were not many people so the noise lvl was bareable.

If you go upstairs and continue to the back you will find a room (where the toilets also are) with 3 booths and a little shielded from the rest.
We were lucky that there was a single booth for us.

Now since this is a French café I emidiatly went for the baguette. I mean this should be what they should be able to do more than anything. Right?
Sadly, no.
I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Yes there was plenty of filling. The chicken and bacon I chose was very delicious, but I would have thought that you would at least get in a homebaked baguette. Or at least a freshly warmed one.
But no. It was a stale and a bit chewy bread which unfortunately ruined it a bit for me.

The price for 1 baguette and 1 cola = 81.00 SEK

Now I haven't ruled this place out completely. There was some rather delicious looking cakes on display, so I might go back and see if a cup of coffee and a cake might make me feel differently about the place.

So overall my score of this place falls on a ***

Pro: Comfortable sofas
Con: A french café who cannot bake baguettes...?

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